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The pricing for landscape maintenance service is subject to change based on the condition of the yard at the time of the service, pricing is based on an average condition of yards that have been maintained in the last 30 days. Home In One reserves the right to adjust the pricing as necessary, depending on factors such as the level of overgrowth, excessively large quantities of weeds, and any special requests or requirements. The customer will be notified in advance of any changes to the pricing, and may choose to accept or decline the revised pricing. The customer understands that the initial estimate provided is an approximation based on the information available at the time of booking, and that the final pricing may differ based on the actual conditions of the yard. The customer agrees to pay the final amount as agreed to and invoiced by Home In One. Home In One is not responsible for misrepresentation of the property and its current status and a trip charge may be added to declined services that are misrepresented at the time of booking.

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  • Mow Grass / Remove Debris From Artificial Turf
  • Trim All Grass Edges – If Applicable
  • Blow And Remove Leaves and Debris]
  • Rake Landscape Rock (As Necessary)
  • Notify Customer of Irrigation Problems / Leaks etc…
  • Skim Pool If Debris was Blown Into It

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100% satisfaction guarantee

Home In One offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your service is not completed to your satisfaction or is incomplete based on the service checklists, the item or items will be resolved on the next available date and time that works best for your schedule. Simply log into your portal and add an incomplete or deficient service note to your account, let us know when you would like your service provider to return and it will be resolved no questions asked. No phone calls to make, no arguments with your service provider. In the event your current service provider is unable to resolve the issues we will assign a new service provider to your account permanently.

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